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Bliss Reading

This healing form created by Hanna focuses on positive guidance for you to see the light and reach a more fulfilled and blissful life. You will be lovingly guided by Hanna when you will receive deep guidance about your life's journey. She holds a light and safe space for you so that you can heal. The aim is to reconnect you with your innate magic.


Many find this reading useful during times of transition, life changing situations, the beginning of the year, birthdays, or other important moments. However, this reading can be used anytime.

You can prepare for your Bliss Reading by considering what your intention is for the session and any questions on which you are seeking clarity. During your appointment, Hanna will read your energy and speak about the intentions you have set and give you clarity for your next steps

Sessions are held in person in the centre of Biarritz in or via video call and can be conducted in English, French or Swedish what ever that is best for you. 

If your Bliss Reading takes place virtually, we recommend that you create a sacred, quiet space for yourself in the comfort of your own home. This should be a place in which you feel calm and peaceful and we invite you to light a candle before your reading.

Hanna offers two types of Bliss Readings:

Bliss Reading, one question - Intuitive reading of one of your questions, session time, 30 minutes

Bliss Reading, full session - Intuitive reading of all the questions you have, session time, one hour


You will feel when the right time will be for your Bliss reading. When you are ready, Hanna will be delighted to help you see with clairity and accompany you so that you can experience the most positive and magical of future.

“Thank you so much Hanna for the beautiful reading you did for me.  It really was what i needed to hear and know about myself. I really resonate with the intuitive way you read the cards, how you make them talk for our understanding. I like the discussion that came up and the guidance you offer.

Everything you put together creates a beautiful space for me to connect deeper with my own intuition and to accept the messages the cards gave me. Again thank you for this insightful moment we shared."

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