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 About Bliss Studio 

Originating as a co-working space, gallery and showroom in the heart of Paris, today Bliss Studio
has evolved to become an online holistic and spiritual platform where you can discover Bliss in a different way,
wherever you are in the world. 

With this digital space, our vision is to bring the Bliss energy directly to your home. Hanna provides you with
soul guidance so that you can tap into your own bliss, freedom, truth and ancient magical wisdom.


Everything you seek is already inside you and your soul is eager to reveal its magic.

About Hanna 

Ever since I was a child, I have been sensitive to energy and the things we can’t explain with our logical mind.
As an intuitive and highly sensitive person, I tap into these energies, becoming a bridge and a translator
between you and your soul. I do this with the help of different healing tools, including tarot cards,
face reading and guided meditation.  


For me, being spiritual is a way of life. I am an alchemist, healer, dreamer, traveller, spaceholder and psychic.
I talk to animals and nature. I believe in freedom and see life with love through blissful eyes.


Welcome to my world of magic! 


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