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 Three types of Readings

Bliss Reading is a intuitive tarot reading that are created by Hanna that focuses on positive guidance for you to see the light and reach a more fulfilled and blissful life. You will be lovingly guided by Hanna while she uses her cards as a tool and holds a safe sacred space so that you can heal. The aim is to reconnect you with your innate magic.


Face Reading is an ancient Chinese healing form built upon yin and yang and the five elements, and the
flow of these energies through the universe. Our true essence, mind, body and soul are simply energy and are changing all the time. A face reading will help you to understand yourself better and will provide you with
spiritual guidance, whether for yourself, your business or your relationships.
Soul Reading is powerful intuitive guidance, suitable for you if you are already on a spiritual path. Hanna will connect with your soul’s energy to lovingly lead you towards more clarity, deeper empowerment and new directions for the next chapter of your soul’s journey. In this way, your Soul Reading will be as unique as you are.

All sessions are held in person in the centre of Biarritz or via video call and
can be conducted in English, French or Swedish. 

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