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 A 21 days transformative journey to your best self!

Start the New Year with a 21-day transformative journey to Manifestation Mastery. This course starts on January 8th and ends on January 28th. Begin the new year with a revitalizing breeze propelling you forward, discovering the power to positively transform every facet of your life through the magic of manifestation.
This extraordinary 21-day journey is priced at only 222€.


What this course offers:

• 1 hour 1:1 session with Hanna:
I hour intuitive session with personal guidance for you.

• 4 group live video sessions with Hanna:
Join me in real-time for insightful discussions and guidance.

• Daily New lessons via messages:
Receive a daily dose of wisdom and practical insights to fuel your transformation.

• Daily Q&A and guidance:
Connect with me every day for answers to your questions and personalized guidance through voice messages.


Why not gift yourself or a loved one a beautiful start to the new year?
Unwrap the potential for positive change and manifest a life filled with bliss, hope & magic.

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