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2024 Reading

A 2024 Reading are for you that would like to know your year to come.

This reading are more than a normal session. You will get insight month by month, and overall visibility of the year to come. 
With help of astrology, face reading and tarot Hanna will read your future intuitively. 
She will help you set goals and you will get tools and homework to do so that you with ease step by step will achieve and manifest your best year ever. In the end of the session Hanna will do a guided personal meditation with you, this meditation will help you let go of the passed and raise your vibration and energy so that you can bring in your dreams to your reality.
This meditation will you also be able to bring back home with you.


Sessions are held in person in the centre of Biarritz or via video call and can be conducted in English, French or Swedish. So whatever is best for you.


If your 2024 Reading takes place virtually, we recommend that you create a sacred space for yourself in the comfort of your own home. This should be a place in which you feel calm and peaceful and we invite you to light a candle before your reading.

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