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This Saturday we have a ending of a cycle!

The energies around this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus are supercharged, and will see us reaching a closure point with somethings in our lives that started end of 2021. What are you ready to let go of? Under this Eclipse, we may experience themes around money, our self-worth, and what it is we truly value.


Taurus is the sign of stillness. It reminds us to connect with the Earth to feel held, supported, and abundant. Eclipses are always transformative, and help our soul reach a new chapter of our life. This Taurus moon feels more peaceful than some other eclipse energies. But as I always says, to feel is something good, and to work with the emotions that comes up leads to deep healing. Eclipses also heighten the energy around us, thinning the veil, and getting us to see things we didn’t notice before. See what it is that reveal for you this week, what is it you finally can see clearly?


As this Taurus Eclipse is a ending of a two years cycle, it does hold incredible powers. Use the energies of the Eclipse to say goodbye to all that is no longer serving your soul. Eclipses tend to work in mysterious ways, guiding us to where we need to be. Let the Eclipse work its magic. Let it reveal to you all there is to see. The final pieces of the puzzle will be put into the right place, so allow them to.


It is not just the energy of the Taurus we have in the sky, we also are in Scorpio season. So what does this mean?

Both Scorpio and Taurus are known to be in the present moment. They both want us to centre our energy but in two different way. Scorpio wants us to dive deep and to face all of our shadows and demons. And he wants us to go through our trauma, fears, and pain, to find our way to the bottom where we find our truth and there we will find stillness and peace.

Taurus, on the other hand, wants us to find peace outside of ourselves and see our reflection in nature. Taurus asks us to seek comfort not through understanding our own energy but through understanding our place within the energy of the Universe. It’s not that Taurus wants us to ignore our emotions, but rather to go beyond them. We are one with everything, and from this oneness, we can find stillness and our inner peace.


So overall, there is a mix of energies in the air under this Eclipse. The end of October is destined to be a powerful and magical time. There will be endings but also new beginnings, transformation will happen. It may feel a lot but remember the future is bright, we have all grown, and all found ourselves in a higher state of consciousness than we were before.


If you need some Full Moon guidance you can always book a Moon Reading here. Much Love!



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