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Thank you so much for the face reading. It impressed me a lot and I loved it.


I have been consulting you twice now and I am delighted each time.

No doubt I will contact you

soon again.




un grand merci pour tous ces moments d'échanges et de compréhension.


Nos séances de tarot accompagnent mon cheminement depuis plus d'un an aujourd'hui, tu as suivi les multiples évolutions, et je dois dire que je suis de plus en plus épanouie, sereine et en accord avec moi-même.


Merci Merci !


Hanna, varmt tack för vägledningen som ledde fram till större förståelse och klarhet!

Du är alltid lika “spot on” och det du förmedlar visar sig alltid stämma!


Jag är djupt tacksam över din visdom som du delar med oss andra runt om i världen.


Ecoute c'est incroyable, tout ce que tu as ressenti sur la lecture, est en train de se réaliser !


J’ai eu la discussion pro dont tu m’as parle et en effet. tout s’éclaire et la réponse a ma demande est extrêmement positive, I do have a new job in the design agency!


Merci Merci pour tes conseils précieux, je t’embrasse et je repasse tres bientôt, cheers!


Thank you so much Hanna for the beautiful reading you did for me. It really was what i needed to hear and know about myself.

I really resonate with the intuitive way you read the cards, how you make them talk for our understanding.

I like the discussion that came up and the guidance you offer.

Everything you put together creates a beautiful space for me to connect deeper with my own intuition and to accept the messages the cards gave me. Again thank you for this insightful moment we shared.

I love when Hanna does a reading for me. I find so much clarity from it and am always moved to tears! 



I learnt new things about my soul's story from ancestors to the present time passing through my childhood.


As a palm reader, I am aware that hands are a reflection of our soul and that they change throughout our life, as our face does.


Hanna delivered a comprehensive study of my facial features which led to an open heart conversation where I felt safe to share my secrets.


A true gift to oneself, thank you so much Hanna!

Coucou Hanna !

Je ne sais pas si maman t a envoyé un ptit message.. la maison a trouvé son acheteur !


La signature du compromis sera lundi matin. Merci encore pour soutien car je sais que tu as su trouvé le moyen de cette réussite!


Je t’embrasse tres fort! Gratitude!


We wanted to thank you for the tarot session that we had some months ago, and we thought that you would like to know that what you told us was precisely right.

If you remember my question was about a possible pregnancy and you said just go for two weeks vacation in Greece and it will happen, and this is exactly what happened!

Now I am 3 months pregnant. Thank you so much Hanna for your positive energy!!!

We are very grateful!




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