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Moon Reading

Moon Reading is created to guide and support you during the full or new moon. After sharing with you what her cards show that you need to release (on the full moon) or embrace (on the new moon), Hanna will lovingly teach you how to use the powerful moon energy to do so by provide you with tools that are right for each emotion as breathing techniques, guided meditations and moon rituals.


It will just be possible to book the moon reading some days before and after the full and new moon, when the energy’s are the strongest. Sessions are held in person in the centre of Biarritz or via video call and can be conducted in English, French or Swedish. 

If your Moon Reading takes place virtually, we recommend that you create a sacred space for yourself in the comfort of your own home. This should be a place in which you feel calm and peaceful and we invite you to light a candle before your reading.

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