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 About Bliss & Hanna

I grew up in the countryside in the south of Sweden, close to nature and always surrounded by animals.

Ever since I was a child, I have been sensitive to energy and the things we can’t explain with our logical mind. I’ve always felt, seen, and heard the invisible. As an intuitive and highly sensitive person, I tap into these energies, becoming a bridge and a translator between you and your soul.


For me, being spiritual is a way of life and I have always been passionate about the mystery of the in-between and unseen. For almost 3 decades, I have studied and taken formations in different arts including how or mind body and soul works, intuition, animal communication, astrology, face reading, healing herbs, energy work, shamanism and meditation. What interest and fascinates me the most, is energy healing.

I have a background in the creative world of advertising, as an art director, and after many years leading business of advertising, I started my own creative space in 2016 in the center of Paris - Bliss Studio Paris. It was a co-working, showroom and gallery space where I mixed everything I love, art, fashion and spirituality. I sold the space 2021 and moved to Biarritz where I now live and work today at Bliss by Hanna. 

Today I wish to help and guide people on their healing journey with different modalities I practice that also have been life changing for myself: Face Reading and Tarot.

I do what I love, to guide people to heal, transform and to become the best and radiant version of themselves.
Know more here. 

I am an alchemist, dancer, healer, dreamer, traveller, space holder and a psychic.

I talk to animals and the nature. I believe in freedom and see life with love through blissful eyes.


Welcome to my world of magic! 

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