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A fiery & windy Full Moon in Sagittarius filled with adventures & positive energy!

This week we have a beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius. Our Sagittarius a fire sign that are aiming for adventure and are filled with positive energy. 

The energies this week are spreading up, even if they have been fast the last couple of month. We are now in Gemini season that are a air sign and also connected to our mental, and communication and the Sagittarius moon will put fire on it. Even though the energies will be fast, they are positive this time or at least that is what we will feel. 


Full Moons are as we know the time to release and let go of the things that we do not need anymore, like thoughts and feelings and also maybe do a big clean up in our house. This time around the full moon energies want us more to change our perspective, to not dig deep more redirect our own energy, mind body and soul in the direction of our bliss.

Ask yourself this week, where it is you like to go, what are your life goals and dreams, and what do you need to achieve them? The answer is simple, follow your bliss or your deep inner happiness to put it in one other way.


Dance, play, smile and do the things you love my dear, focus on the good things in your life and you will soon see more of just that! Happy Full Moon week to you all!

Love, Hanna


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