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Can you feel the scorpio full moon?

Tomorrow Friday we have the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you might if you are sensitive already felt for some days now the powerful moon energy’s.


The water sign Scorpio are the sign of healing and transformation. Also we have both Mercury and Pluto in retrograde during this full moon so it makes it even more powerful. This moon wants you to let go of the passed, heal and step up in your souls potential. It’s not a easy transformation this, because we tend to hold on to the passed because it is comfortable and something familiar.


When you resist this energy, you will feel uncomfortable and emotions like insecurity and fears might come up for you. Take a moment and listening to your emotions, where and in what part of your life do you feel fear and insecure? This is where you need to do the work on yourself, release and let go, it’s time for you to shine my friend and stop living in the passed.

This moon help you to transform, heal and let go so that you can step up in your full soul potential.


I have open up for some moon readings this week if you feel a lot and need guidance I am here for you. Happy full moon in the magical and mystical scorpio my sweeys.


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