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Two magical days coming up next week the 20th and 21th of March.

On Tuesday we start with the spring Equinox, now finally we can say that spring is here. Then we have the New Moon in Aries, our Aries that comes with his fiery energy, to wake up our hearts and creativity and give us hope about the future. With this two events we have a astrological new year, a new beginning and now is the time to dream big and manifest your wildest desires.

The spring Equinox, is the day we step in a new season and it is also the day of the year when the veil between our two worlds are really thin. The spiritual world and the world here on mother earth. Its a day for meditation, and if you learn to listening you can get messages from your loved ones that already are on the other side. Me I love the four Equinoxes its always magic in the air during this day. Its a ending and a new beginning, and the spring Equinox is really a new beginning.


Our Fiery Aries comes a fresh spring wind with new hope and energy. He wants us to balance our lives, you might be thinking of how to be healthier and how to work less and have some more pleasure in your life, its the balance of everything we are longing for right now. With Aries its a new beginning and its time for you to do your manifestation work. Dream big, be bold nothing is impossible all is possible with all this new and fresh spring energy we have in the sky right now.


Enjoy this magical Spring Equinox and New Moon in Aries my dear.


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