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In Latin language Alma means The Soul the word Alma is also connected to the Heart and The Life blood.

The energy of Alma is a pure light of a virgin woman and also It’s a word in Hebrew that means a young women.

In Face Reading we say that the Soul lives in our blood, I think that is so true and so beautifully put.


One part of the Face Reading I do, is that I read and tap in to your souls energy and I feel where it have been going through in this life and where it wants to take you on your true soul path.

You can say that I am a translator between you and your soul and I guide you so that you can heal your past, so that you can live your souls purpose in this life time, it’s called your Golden Path in Face Reading.


We all are meant to be free and live our dream and have a magical life with happiness and abundance and in alignment with our soul. If this is something that you feel that you would like to do, I would be happy to guide you find your souls Golden Path.


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