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Last but not least our Cancer Full Moon!

We end the year with a intuitive, sweet and sensitive Full Moon in Cancer. As always the moon is here to guide us and this Full Moon might be bringing you a lot of emotions. Old wounds might come up to the surface especially feeling around family, love and relationships. Embrace and feel the feels give them your love then relise. Embrace the full spectrum of emotions, from the elevated frequencies to the lower ones. Remember to recognize joy, love, and gratitude, offering them the acknowledgment they deserve. While navigating the emotions of the past year, bid farewell to those you no longer wish to carry. Thank them for the lessons, and contemplate how you'll transform from them.


Do some journaling and write down what you no longer want in your life and after do a ritual and burn the list of things that you would like to realise, so you can step into 2024 with a clean heart and have space for all the good that you like to bring into your life this next year.


During this full moon Jupiter is also active, Jupiter is known as the planet of benevolence and luck. While modern astrology adopts a balanced perspective, the energies of Jupiter are hoped to bring positivity your way. Consider making this Full Moon a reminder to appreciate the abundance and gifts in your life, regardless of their size.


With gratitude in mind, take a moment to focus on the positives, aligning yourself with a higher vibration. As the final Full Moon of the year, reflect on the blessings of 2023. Celebrate your triumphs and hurdles, acknowledging the unfolding beauty that surrounded you. Perhaps, view your experiences through the lens of miracles, recognising the richness in every moment of your life. ~

Have a sweet & Loving last Cancer Full Moon of the year.

Love Hanna


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