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Saturdays Virgo Full Moon wants us to listening to our body & Soul.

We have the Virgo Full Moon that are shining on us already and she will be completely full on Saturday. This full moon is the last for the astrological year and also last before Eclipse season begins. ~ It is a strong full moon and for you that are sensible might feel its powerful energy already. Virgo our virgin goddess, will put light on the parts that we need to heal and let go off. She will gently guide you for you to feel, in your mind, body and soul, what it is you no longer need in your life. Listening, feel what is it your soul and body want to tell you? Where is it you feel uncomfortable? Where is there still pain? What is it you need to do? Your body and Soul knows exactlly what they need!

~ It may be different things that comes up for you. Ask your body what do you need? Maybe it is a healthier lifestyle, or start to do some more sport, or maybe she like to dance. Listening, your body knows the way and if you take one step in the direction your body ask you to, the Virgo moon will amplify and help you with the motivation. ~ Also remember if you feel sensitive and lost your direction this week, it is normal. We are in the pisces season, and the pisces energy can have a feeling of being out of focus and direction, like we lost our way. If you feel this way, you need to trust your heart a little bit more. Remember you are not lost, it is all about to trusting. Pisces, stand for intuition, spirituality and dreams. This is why you can feel a bit that you are lost in the clouds, but this will soon pass. Your guide in the fogg are you inner voice and intuition. Join the next Bliss Club to learn more to listening and trust to your own inner voice.


We also have Venus and Mars that are dancing together in the sky this week. This two beautiful planets are standing for the feminine and masculine energy. Venus the goddess of love and Mars the fearless warrior. With this two energies in the sky it will wake up emotions about our relationships, maybe you feel that you are longing for a partner or start to miss and want to contact old partners. Also our sexuality will be stronger and the feeling of longing for more love.


Venus our planet of love, beauty, harmony and money. Its energy inspires us to connect with our inner goddess, light our creative flames, create wealth, and surround ourselves with beauty.

Mars is considered the planet of action, motivation, and fearlessness. Its energy inspires us to forge ahead, to push past our fears, and to find our inner confidence and strength.

So this dance of this planets will make you feel this week. Try to recognize what it is they try to tell you.


If you need help and guidance tu understand all this feelings and emotions. I am here for you and you can easily book your session on my website or by sending me a sweet message.

Have a beautiful full moon week sweets!

Love Hanna


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