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The Power of the New Moon Solar Eclipse: A Guide to Manifesting Your Intentions!

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow Monday the 8 of April 20:07 Paris time do we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in fiery Aries. Aries our passionate, bold and energetic ram brings us a new beginning, and with the Solar Eclipse clearing out the passed and open up for new pathways, this will make us take new better directions for ourself.


This Eclipse is powerful one, even though we will not see it here in Europe, but we will feel it anyway. The best way to work with its energy is to trust and listening, what is it you need to let go of, what is your shift. Maybe its a limiting belief or something you tell yourself that are not that nice, now it’s the time to let that go. Trust that the Eclipse will show you and that you will just know in your heart what to do.


Eclipse energies often manifest in sophisticated ways, they make themselves unmistakably known. During this Eclipse, we might encounter a sudden opportunity or discover a new path unfolding before us unexpectedly.

Traditionally, Eclipses are believed to herald fateful occurrences that propel us towards greater awareness. Embrace whatever unfolds during this time and to surrender to the guidance guiding your journey, rather than seeking to impose control, because that will not work out for you.


Since it also is a New Moon in Aries that stands for a new beginning, its a perfect day for manifestation work. Do a ritual for yourself, light a candle and write down on a paper a list of the things that you would like to unfold for yourself in your life. Dream big and remember everything is possible, no dream are to big! You are a co-creator with the Universe and your job is just to know WHAT you would like, and the Universe is taking care of the HOW.

As you set your intentions during this time, strive for freshness and innovation. Rather than repeating past desires, approach your goals from a new perspective. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and envision grand possibilities.


Have a magical New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Love Hanna


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