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The Powerful Capricorn New Moon!

Our first New Moon of the year and it is in the powerful and grounding energy of Capricorn. That is about focusing on your longterm goals and results in the material world. This New Moon is a powerful manifestation moon, work with its energies today, do a ritual and write down on a paper what it is you would like to achieve, become and build for yourself. The moon energy will help you focus and take a decision on what’s most important for you to do, create and be this year.


Capricorn is an earth zodiac sign that is ruled by Saturn and is known for being a hardworking and honest sign. Its energy helps us to create structure in our daily routine and take responsibility for all that needs to be done. It offers a wave of ambitious energy, too, helping us to feel determined and motivated to climb the mountain we wish to climb. Capricorn our sea-goat, a creature based on a myth that is half goat and half fish. The tail of the fish is said to represent our past and all that we drag along with ourselves, otherwise known as that the baggage from our passed and what I always say the backpack we carry on our back, with emotions and situations and passes events. The head of the goat is the part that can see into the future. So with this two energies of the Capricorn, thank your passed for all your lessons and new nonage, let go of the heavy emotions that you do not need to carry with you and put your eye on your future.While this New Moon is doing a plan and building a foundation for your year, it is also about honouring the past and the transformations we have moved through. It is about to be conscious of what has risen up from your own dark side and how that has transformed your journey.

It is said that intentions or goals made on a Capricorn New Moon hold the promise of longevity. So, if there is something you really want to commit to for the long term, set your intention and then take a small action in that direction under this New Moon. Your action will be sealed into the energy of the New Moon, helping you to stay the course for a long time to come.


Today on the New Moon it is also a magical portal in numerology because it is the 1/11 it is extra powerful because, in numerology and astrology, as the numbers 11/01/2024 ((1+1+1+2+0+2+4) add up to 11, that are a master number. In numerology, master numbers like 11 symbolise big success after facing challenges. Number 11 is about a strong connection to creative energy, making it intuitive and spiritual. The 1/11 portal helps you see things clearly and adjust your plans. It's happening at the same time as the first new moon of 2024, marking the start of a new phase for personal growth. It's a time to think about what you want to make happen. If you want your magic to be super effective, try to do your New Moon ritual today, January 11, 2024, exactly at 1:11.


During this 1/11 portal, the stars encourage us to think about giving and receiving. What we focus on during this time might set the tone for the rest of the year. With Mars in Capricorn, there's a strong push for career and work-related motivation. The routines we establish now could play a big role in our success.

It's a reminder that success is often the result of consistent efforts. This portal invites us to change our lives to welcome new blessings. Take some time to figure out what changes might make things better for your emotions and needs. With the new moon in Capricorn and the 1/11 portal, affirmations like saying 'I Am...' while looking in the mirror can help us believe in our desires, and when we believe remember we also make things come true!


Happy New Moon to you! Much Love Hanna


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