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We have a dreamy week with the New Moon in Pisces that are on Sunday!

The powerful New moon in Pisces that we will have on Sunday the 10th of February, are also called a super moon. Even if we cant see the moon it is closer to the earth than normally and it means it will bring a lot of dreamy, creative energy to us.


Pisces that are our fish are the last sign and it will also be the last new moon of this astrological year. Pisces is not bringing us a ending but more a new beginning how I see it. The energies wants us to dream and be creative. In tarot this weeks energy would be the Fool card, that are the number zero in tarot, it is the in-between card, the unknown and its stands for listening to your intuition. So the best way to do for you is to flow with the deep energies this week, feel with your body and listening to your intuition. 

It is ok to take one day, one step at the time. Our fish have the ruling planet of Neptune and Neptune are the planet that are connected with our dreams and hopes, intuition, creativity and spirituality. So this week you will feel its dreamy deep energy. You might dream a lot during the night and you might also feel a wave of creativity. The energy can also be foggy and it is not easy to see what is reality and what is an illusion and a dream. So the best way is to surrender to whatever that is coming up for you and trust a little bit more.


The energies of this New Moon beckon us to dive into the depths of our inner realms, encouraging the embrace of intuition, creativity, and emotional insights. Explore the potential of this Pisces New Moon to ignite a surge of healing, artistic expression, and spiritual development.

Take advantage of this period for profound personal metamorphosis, whether your aim is to let go of what no longer serves you, for deeper connections with your subconscious, or simply bask in the enchantment of Piscean energy.

This Pisces New Moon offers us an opportunity to dream; to set intentions and visualise the manifestations we desire as we journey forward. We may feel an amplified sense of creativity during this time, finding ourselves immersed in imagination, daydreams, and the birth of fresh inspirations and concepts.


This New Moon are a perfect if not the absolut the best New Moon of the year to set your intentions and to manifest your dreams for the following month to come. Ask yourself if you did not have any fears or limitations, what would you like your life to be? Maybe you are dreaming of a new job, a romantic sexy partner, a pet or a weekend in Rom.  Whatever your dream is for yourself, write it down in your New Moon book or on a piece of paper and with some trust in the magic this powerful New Moon will amplify your wish out to the Universe and then you will have to prepare yourself, because this energy are fast and your dreams will also become your reality fast.


Flow, and trust, listening to your intuition this week and if you feel lost in the Neptune fog I am here for you as your guide. You can easily take your 1:1 session here and I will help you see with clarity. You can also join us on Sundays Bliss Club at 18:00 where I will speak more about this dreamy energy.

~ Have a dreamy and magical New moon sweets!

xx Hanna


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