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A holistic coaching journey

This spiritual coaching journey are for you that are going through a big life transformation.  During 90 days I follow you and guide you through a transformative journey.  Maybe you like to move and build a new life somewhere else in the world or if you like to change career or a going through a though brake-up or are on a spiritual awakening.


This big life events are normally a feeling of being alone, I have done many of them, several of times so I know that feeling. That is why I created this service for you and will be there beside you step by step.


Your transformative journey are as unique as you are, so your journey will be designed after you souls needs. I will see what it is your soul are here to do and what your souls gifts are. You will get weekly spiritual guidance, face & tarot readings, astrology chart reading, meditation and a lot of magical tools to work with.


Book a free call to see if we are a match for your transformative journey here.

“Hanna is a beautiful soul and an amazing spiritual coach. She is a great listener and has a special way to connect with your energy and soul and understand where you are at every stage of your life and share guidance that speaks to your soul.
She has contributed to my spiritual growth and evolution over the last few years. Our spiritual wellbeing is key to our happiness and overall wellbeing and we need to invest time and energy into this and ask experts, like Hanna, to support us when we are stuck and lost in our ego´s madness."

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