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Remember your soul’s purpose
and reveal its magic. 

Welcome to Bliss Studio, the online holistic and spiritual space where you can discover how to bring Bliss energy to your home. Here Hanna provides you with soul guidance so that you can learn how to tap into your own bliss, freedom, truth and ancient magical wisdom.

During these intuitive soul readings, Hanna uses her tarot cards as a tool to tap into your energy. 


Achieve harmony and balance in your life by understanding the story that is written by you in your features.


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 Lovely words from clients 

Thank you so much for yesterday's face reading.
It was a thrilling experience. It was as if the patterns of my face gave me some clues of my past to understand my present. In order to be kind to myself, to live in harmony with my body and soul. Your kind and respectful guidance was really helpful, thank you!

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