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Pink Full Moon in the sign of Libra

On Wednesday night early Thursday morning we will have a Pink Full Moon in Libra. You might feel its energy already. Its a healing, creating balance and harmony. The energy is filled with love and the moon is putting it´s light on our relationships.

Why this moon is called Pink is not because it will be Pink, it is because it is spring and the flowers starts to bloom in this time of the year and many of them are pink.

During Full Moons we are releasing as you know, the moon are putting light on the things we need to heal and release in ourself. So the emotions that are coming up for you and even thoughts that you might have or it feels like your intuition or guides are talking to you and sending you memories from the passed. Listening to this, observe it and feel in to it, what is it wants to tell you? How do you show up for yourself and for the others around you?

~ Libra that are ruled of Venus our Goddess of Love, have a strong influence during this full moon also we have Chiron the wounded healer again with us in the sky. That is why this energy this week push us to heal our relationships, the one we have with ourself, the one we have with our partner and the relationship we have to our friends and colleagues. You might ask yourself how do you show up for yourself and for the others around you? What do you feel that you need to let go of? What believes, attitudes, behaviours, or patterns that are no longer serving you in your relationships are you ready to let go of.

Sometimes it is hard to be aware of our own behaviours, but this Full Moon will put light on things for us, allowing us to step deeper into the healing work. It may allow you to make deeper, more meaningful, and more authentic connections with the others. But you also have to be willing to do so.


Remember the moon is here to help us heal and release, so we can evolve as souls. Our journey here on earth is to grow and become wiser. Listen to your intuition, follow your heart, and know that your healing during this Full Moon will unlock a greater wisdom and understanding that can open up to new and deeper connections and more love. Also remember we all have wounds from ur passed, but we still can live an amazing, loving, and purposeful life.

Happy full moon everyone!


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