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A powerful new beginning this Saturday!

On Saturday the 14 of October we have a powerful new beginning, the shift is here and we all are all starting on a new starting point on a soul level. We can expect transformation of inner healing and inner balance from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra and the energy are powerful.

~ Eclipses are always coming in pairs and the second one does we have in two weeks on the 29 of October when we have the Full Moon in Taurus. The energy during eclipses are always super charged, its like we get pushed forward and in the direction that we need to be.

The Libra New Moon have a strong energy about balance and our relationships. So you can feel like you have a inner battle with yourself or with someone around you. Also we have a new conflict that started this week in the middle east as you know, and it is interesting that this is happening right now, because libra have two extremes, like in a balance she is teaching us to balancing this two energies and be at peace.

~ New Moons as we know are the time when we do our intention work for our future. The seeds you saw during this New Moon will be super charged, and you can manifest in a more faster time. Also the seeds that you plant with your wishes this New Moon will last for a years to come. So be mindful and put out the right energy when you do your New Moon work tomorrow.

~ This New Moon Solar Eclipse is also a jump starting point for your souls mission. During the eclipse you will get a download of energy from the Universe that will remind you of your soul contract and mission this life time, and this will put you on the right track again.

So trust in what happen in your life this coming weeks, the changes that arrive are for your souls highest good and it can be old things, or people that are disappearing from your life or new things and opportunities, and unexpected situations that will happen, just trust the process.

Also trust in inner realisations and intuitive messages that also might come up. It is a period for you to see things more clearly, and to get a inner deep understanding. This is your soul that are guiding you for your destiny.


Remember the light during the eclipse are helping you to clean out the things that are no longer serving you or drains you out, so for example relationships might come to an end, maybe you have outgrowing your work situation so you will be guided to change. When something leaves something new begins.

Trust all the changes that will happen in your mind and heart and also in the world around you. This will help you aline you with your souls truth and higher alignment.

~ Go with in and ask yourself what do I really desire and what do I really feel?

The eclipse is a portal to a higher state of consciousness and self healing. Doing meditation, dancing and to be and to connect with nature and animals can help you to ground your manifestations and to be more clear of what you want for yourself in your life and to do the big jump that you are ready to make to become the new you. ~ As always I am here for you if you need more personal guidance, you can book your session here. Until next time have a sweet and magical New Moon weekend. Love Hanna


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