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The art of Face Reading!

Face Reading is a science developed thousands of years ago by the Bedouins, the Arabic-speaking nomadic tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East.

Face Reading was also used in the Golden Age of Athens in Greece.

The Face Reading I am practice are an ancient Chinese healing form, from the 6th century. It's a alchemic healing art that are built upon yin and yang and the five elements, and the flow of these energies through the universe. Our true essence, mind, body and soul are simply energy and are changing all the time.

A Face Reading will help you to understand yourself better, I will help you balance any unbalances you might have and will provide you with spiritual guidance, whether for yourself, your business or your relationships.


When I read your face, I take a look at the form of your face, your ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Each shape and mark has a different meaning—lines, lightness and darkness and even moles reveal a lot about your past and your future. I will also read the energy of your soul, and I will explain what makes you soul happy and at peace.


During your face reading, I will help you to transform and release old patterns, behaviours and energies that are no longer serving you.

The aim with Face Reading is to return to our "natural face". When you do your work on yourself with the tools I will give you, your face will revert to its natural state and lines and marks will dissipate as you heal. 


I offer 3 types of Face Reading and I recommend that you book them in sequence: 

Face Reading 1 – Understanding your soul’s energy and how to use its magic

Face Reading 2 – Healing traumas and patterns to prepare you for your Golden Path

Face Reading 3 – Recognising your souls/life’s purpose: your Golden Path 

Your face is your own treasure map of your past to your future, how you have lived and how you can heal, to be the most peaceful and beautifully radiant version of yourself!


Achieve harmony and balance in your life by understanding the story that is written by you in your features! Love, Hanna


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