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Dance in the Scorpio Full Moon of magic and feel how your intuition get stronger.

On Tuesday the 23 of April, we will have a beautiful and magical full moon in my favourite sign Scorpio. Our Scorpio the master of transformation and they are also the only sign that really know the dark side, and can dance in its magic. Its a water sign that have a sensibility and a stronger intuition than many other signs. For Scorpio intuition, psychic abilities and a interest of the mystic is normally something that comes naturally for them.


Scorpio are like the Phenix he dies, and rise again as a more beautiful version of himself, and also so are this beautiful full moon. It help us to release, let go off, or die a little or something inside of us, just for us to transform and become a better vision of ourself. There is not so much for you to do, it will happen naturally, you will realise the things that are not for your highest good anymore and you will esely let this emotions or behaviours go once and for all.


Why I love the Scorpio so much is because they have a magical spark in their eyes, its a spark of magic and a deep knowing. I always have deep and interesting conversations about magic and mystical things with my Scorpio friends, and I love them because “they just know”!

They are also normally very attractive and sexy, and they make love like there is no tomorrow. But there is not just magical things about the Scorpio, if they are your friends Yes, but if they are your enemy I recommend you to run as fast as you can, because they also can be like poison and can hurt you a lot. So you better be sweet to your Scorpio friends to be on the good side.


Enjoy this mystical energies that already have started, dance in the Scorpio moon of magic and feel how your intuition will be faster and stronger, use its magic to understand your own magic. I wish you all a beautiful Scorpio Moon!

Love Hanna🤍


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