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The Gemini Full Moon brings us a sweet & fast energy shift on November 26th

Gemini are a air sign and are ruled my Mercury. Gemini’s energy moves quickly. It affects our nervous systems, our minds, and our vibrations. It can make us think to much or want to move our body or maybe both. When we think to much we also can start to worry, and worry and stress for things are not good as you know. If this happens to you during this full moon, it is time for you to rewrite old stories and make now better stories that you can tell yourself. You are the creator of your mind and you have the power to trick yourself to a better thinking and also a better life. Grounding yourself through intentional movement and meditation can allow you to utilise Gemini’s energy. If you are willing to flow with this energy, it can give you just what you need to break through old patterns and outdated thinking into a new reality.


It is not just our mind that will be activated this full moon also the communications with others around us, be careful so you do not talk too much and also what you are telling yourself. Since the energy is fast, the words can come fast, so be be mindful and sweet with your words you tell others and also the words you tell yourself.

Gemini teaches us that we live by the stories we tell ourselves. We have narratives about almost everything and everyone. Our stories make us feel safe, but they also limit us. They close our minds to new possibilities and give us labels that may no longer be appropriate. But our stories can be rewritten at any time. It simply takes a shift in your perspective.


During this full moon you can get messages that help you do that shift of perspective. It can be just a word someone is telling you or something your read somewhere or also you can get a new brilliant flash idea. How and what ever comes to you, trust that this is a message from the Gemini full moon and the message is here to help you to let go of the old so that you can feel lighter, and also see your life and yourself with more positive eyes.


Gemini is one of the more social signs of the zodiac, which means this full Moon is a time to gather with others. It’s a time to exchange energy, stories, and gifts with those around you. It is the perfect time to have a full Moon circle or meet with a trusted friend. Have honest conversations this full Moon in Gemini with people in your life.

Align with people who can teach you something to help create positive truths about yourself and the world in which we living in.


Enjoy this Full Moon, Gemini lightens the mood to bring you joy in the dark times of November!

With Love Hanna


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