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On Monday the 13th of November do we have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio!

It will be a profound and emotional couple of days with transformative potential. Our Scorpio New moon wants us to take back our power. How to do so, is to go deep, to feel it all, and in the depths – transformation will happen.


New moons are a time for magic and miracles. If you're looking for the perfect time to start fresh, the monthly new moon can be your great escape into a new life with new experiences, dreams, and goals. The larger themes that begin during new moon cycles play out over months, and this month's new moon is focused on breaking down the illusions in our lives and reimagining how the pieces of our lives fit together to create something captivating.


The new Moon stands for new beginnings and helps us plant seeds of intention and wishes. The Scorpio new Moon helps us define the truth we want to live. It’s a perfect time to express what we need, desire, and are ready for in our lives. So be carful with your words honey, they are magic that you are creating into reality in your life. If you want more love, speak just kindly about love, not the lack you may feel. If you want more abundance, same speak about all the things that are positive in your life and be grateful of the things you have, not the lack of what you don’t have. It’s also a time to listen to the truth of our intuition. Scorpio are always sharp and see things as it is, it is not always nice to hear or see, but at least there is no silver lining or dreamy dust in front of the truth. Scorpio heightens both our emotions and intuitive knowing this new Moon, giving us the keys to crafting a new vision for our future.


I love Scorpio, it is the sign that master the darkness and Scorpio always help us with just that. So this days may bring up underlying emotions usually buried in your shadows or unconscious mind. Scorpio makes the unconscious conscious. Let this Moon reveal buried truths. Often what you feel is just the surface. Dig deep this new Moon to find what lies beneath the surface. If you are feeling something, ask if there is something underneath that feeling or if it is masking another emotion. Let this new Moon help you understand a deeper layer of yourself. You are your own healer and during this Scorpio New Moon that are here to help you transform, take this occasion to just do so.


This new Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity for you to be your own alchemist. If you feel an intense emotion, think of it as energy. Then feel into the emotion and decide what else you can do with that energy. What can you transform it into to help your journey instead of hinder it?

I am here for you as always, during your transformation journey to higher consciousness. You can easily book your Moon Reading or one of my other sessions here. You can also join the Bliss Club on Monday Evening at 19:30, where I will talk more about the transformative Scorpio New Moon. Until next time, I wish you all a magical and transformative New Moon in Scorpio.

Much Love, xx Hanna


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